Full Re-Roof

Whatever your age and type of roof, whatever your style and whatever your budget, Lancashire Roofing Contractors will source the most appropriate slate, tiles and fittings to meet your unique requirements. We have over 35 years’ experience in fitting slate and tile roofs, but we don’t just install the roof, we will help you consider visual requirements, planning restrictions, site exposure, roof pitch and cost – so you can have confidence your chosen slate or tile roof is the perfect solution for your property. You can rely on our experienced workforce to provide a professional new roofing installation. Having worked on a massive variety of different building types, ages and sizes over many years, our expertise is second to none. Whether you require a quote for a new installation on a residential or commercial building we have all the solutions you will need. Each stage of works from the stripping off to the lead work will be photographed and explained fully to ensure your confidence in our work.

What’s involved?

Slate roofs unfortunately suffer from nail fatigue. Eventually they become inefficient to keep repairing. Your roof will get to the stage where the only option is a complete re roof, in a nutshell you can expect-

  • -Scaffolding erected in line with health and safety
  • -Existing roofing material removed (tile/slate etc), which can be sorted and kept for reuse if appropriate
  • -Old battens removed and discarded
  • -New breathable felt is then laid over the roof joists
  • -New tanalised battens fixed into place
  • -The slates are then reinstated
  • -All the leadwork is replaced.
  • -Finally, the ridge & hip tiles are re-secured as original.
  • -Your property will remain watertight throughout and there is as little disruption as possible

New Dry Verge and Dry Ridge Tile Systems

We can supply and install dry verge & dry ridge tile system to an exceptional standard in line with all government regulations.  Traditional ridge tiles are cemented with mortar which, over the years, can erode. Because dry ridge and dry verge systems do not use mortar, they are stronger and more resistant to the elements. There are many benefits to having dry ridge / dry verge systems installed on your roof. The main one is that the ridge tiles and verges are locked together with fixings, making them less prone to fail in high winds. They also make your roof more secure by locking it in place.

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We provide a complete domestic and commercial roofing service, ranging from the first installation on a new build or refurbished property all the way through to an in-depth consultation and repair service to make sure that even the oldest roofs stay watertight.

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